The Incredible Egg Cracks The Holiday Menu Dilemma


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Lara Durben
Chicken and Egg Association of Minnesota

From endless parties to family brunch, The Incredible Egg offers recipes to ease the stress of holiday menu planning

BUFFALO, MINN. (December 7, 2018) – The holidays are meant for spending quality time with family and friends, but the time and effort many people invest in planning and preparing a holiday menu can get in the way. The Incredible Egg is helping families across the country make the most of the holiday season by offering tasty, time-saving recipes that are should to delight!

“The holiday season is an important time for all families here in Minnesota. It can also be one of the busiest,” said Steve Olson, Executive Director for the Chicken and Egg Association of Minnesota. “Our goal is to help families spend as much time enjoying the company of loved ones, so we’re sharing recipes, many of which you can prepare ahead of time, and tips which leverage the versatility of eggs to help make the holiday season as memorable as possible.”

Time-saving and Inspirational Recipes for Your Holiday Menu

Take advantage of the versatility of the incredible egg this holiday season. Cut down on prep and planning time, but not on taste!

  • Basic Cheese Quiche Recipe: Make ahead of time and pop in the oven on cozy holiday mornings. Or, bake in mini muffin cups for a bite-sized party appetizer.
  • Mini Pumpkin Pies: Treat your guests to a dessert bar. Mini pies let you indulge your sweet tooth while not feeling guilty.
  • Crab Stuffed Deviled Eggs: Deviled eggs are a classic. Take the classic up a notch for an appetizer your guests won’t forget.

Eggs are not only a versatile staple for the holidays, they are also a nutritional powerhouse, with one large egg containing 6 grams of high-quality protein and nine essential amino acids, all for 70 calories. So, no matter how you like your eggs, you can feel good about including them in breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.

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