About Our Members

Under the leadership of our Board of Directors and with the support of our farmer and industry members, CEAM is dedicated to ensuring the success of the broiler and egg industry in Minnesota through a variety of initiatives, with focused efforts in the following areas:

  • Government Affairs / Regulatory Affairs
  • Issues Management
  • Communications and Outreach

CEAM Board members have a variety of opportunities for participating in educational programs, attendance at conferences, community organizations and holding leadership positions within state and national farming organizations.

We proudly support the National Chicken Council and several of our members also participate on boards and committees for American Egg Board and United Egg Producers.

What CEAM Does


CEAM receives funding from the American Egg Board, which supplements some of our promotional activities. CEAM utilizes a variety of venues and outlets to promote chicken and eggs, such as:

  • A booth at the Minnesota State Fair.
  • Distributing approximately 60,000 recipes/brochures and other educational materials and promotional items annually.
  • Participating at various educational and nutritional trade shows.
  • Press releases to the media, educators, and/or other key contacts in Minnesota.


Communicating with members is very important to CEAM. Members are kept current on important issues and CEAM activities through a variety of means, including:

  • Our weekly email newsletter, Wing Tips
  • A legislative update, Capitol Report, which is emailed to members during the Session.

Educate & Network

Members are able to participate in a variety of educational and networking opportunities throughout the year:

  • Poultry Day at the Capitol
  • CEAM Annual Meeting| Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, Minn.
  • CEAM on the Green Golf Outing | New Ulm Country Club, New Ulm, Minn.

CEAM At Work

CEAM’s board members and staff serve on a variety of committees. We actively network with key individuals at local, state and national government levels, and where appropriate, we strategically align ourselves with other organizations for mutual benefit (i.e. MN Ag Waters Resource Center, Farmers Feed Us, Midwest Poultry Consortium, other commodity groups, etc.).

Industry & Member Representation

CEAM represents the industry and serves as the unified voice of our members in times of crisis regarding regulatory matters and issues management, as well as public relations.

As a resource and spokesperson for members, CEAM represents the industry at local, state and national-level meetings and seeks to ensure policies/regulations are reasonable and based on scientific facts.

National Network

Through our affiliations in all aspects of the poultry industry, CEAM has access to an incredible network of professionals and resources across the country that we tap into as needed.

Interested in Joining?

If you’re interested in becoming a member of CEAM, please see the membership options, which will help you determine which level of membership is right for you.

Membership Options

  • Producers / Processor – Integrator (Multiple Levels)

    An Integrator member is a company that is actively engaged in broiler production and/or egg production in Minnesota, and is a voting member of CEAM.

  • Individual Patron

    An Individual Patron is an individual actively engaged in broiler production or egg production in Minnesota, including contract growers, and is a voting member of CEAM.

  • Allied (Multiple Levels)

    Allied membership is open to any company actively engaged in business that supports the broiler/egg industry. An Allied member is entitled to all CEAM privileges, and is a voting member of CEAM.

  • Associate

    Associate membership is open to an individual actively engaged in government or education or is a retired grower/processor, who is interested in the welfare of the broiler and egg industry. An Associate member is entitled to all CEAM privileges, except the right to vote.

Ready to Join? Have Questions?

Once you’ve found a level that’s of interest to you, or if you have questions about membership, contact:

Email: info@mnchicken.org
Call: 763-682-2171