Meet Our Farmers

Minnesota’s egg and chicken farmers are committed to producing safe, healthy, high-quality and affordable food for your families and for theirs.

That includes providing excellent care for their flocks, ensuring the sustainability of their production practices and being a good neighbor in their communities.

Minnesota’s chicken and egg farmers do so because it’s the right thing to do and because they love producing safe, healthy, high-quality and affordable eggs and chicken for Minnesota families and families across the country.

Meet a few chicken and egg farmers here to see for yourself how they produce chicken and eggs

Meet egg farmer Brian Asmus of Winthrop, Minn., here with his family on their farm.

And from Michael Foods in Gaylord, Minn., a broader look at how an egg farm cares for its birds.

Certification and Guidelines

Many of Minnesota’s chicken and egg farmers participate in programs that help them ensure and improve upon egg quality, animal well-being and environmental care, each of which helps them provide great food for you and your family.

Some of those programs include:

Hen Health & Disease Prevention

Biosecurity reflects a variety of measures and best practices relied on by U.S. egg farmers to assure hens are healthy and to prevent disease from entering egg farms.

Egg farmers have put an array of biosecurity protocols in place on their farms; from limiting visitors and setting up perimeter zones to monitoring flock health and sanitizing vehicles and equipment.

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