The Chicken and Egg Association of Minnesota works with the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association along with several state and national agencies to coordinate communication of the latest information to Minnesota’s poultry farmers and to the general public.

The poultry products you purchase are completely safe to eat: 

  • This is NOT a food safety issue. All chicken and turkey flocks are tested for this virus, well before going to market. Any flocks tested positive for the virus are NOT allowed to enter the food supply.
  • All poultry identified with high path avian influenza are prohibited by law from entering the marketplace.
  • As a reminder, all poultry and eggs should be handled properly and cooked to an internal temperature of 165°F to kill bacteria and viruses.

There is very little human health risk:

  • The risk of human infection is very low. To date, the HPAI strains that have been found in the United States have not been detected in humans.
  • Risk of infection is limited to people in direct contact with affected birds.

For more information about avian influenza, please visit the Minnesota Board of Animal Health’s website.

Avian Influenza – General Information:

Biosecurity Fact Sheets for Backyard Flock Owners:

Biosecurity for Feed Deliveries

Important Phone Numbers & Websites

  • Click HERE for hotline numbers and websites with helpful information:
    • General inquiries about avian influenza
    • Reporting sick/dead poultry
    • Reporting sick/dead wild birds
    • Poultry permits for farmers (required within control zones)
    • And more

USDA Hotline – A hotline number is available for poultry producers and members of the public who have general questions about avian influenza and biosecurity measures they can take to protect their birds.

  • 1-888-702-9963