Founded in 1994 as the Broiler and Egg Association of Minnesota (BEAM), our mission is “To unite, represent and promote the broiler and egg industries in Minnesota.” (Prior to 1994, we were known as the Minnesota Poultry Industries Association, or MPIA for short. Now we’re known as the Chicken and Egg Association of Minnesota!)

That mission is led by Minnesota farmers, who raise approximately 57.9 million chickens annually. Our farmers also care for approximately 10.7 million egg-laying hens, which produce about 3.2 billion eggs each year.

Each of the roughly 280 million laying birds in the U.S. produces from 250 to 300 eggs a year. In total, the U.S. produces about 75 billion eggs a year, about 10 percent of the world supply. (Source: AEB)

Minnesota’s chicken and egg farmers are committed to producing safe, healthy, high-quality and affordable products that are enjoyed by Minnesota families and families across the country.

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What The Cluck! is a Poultry Podcast from Minnesota’s Turkey, Chicken & Egg Farmers. What The Cluck features lively and informative conversations about  turkeys, chickens and eggs and what it takes to get them on your table.

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